Thursday, June 23, 2011

this is history repeating itself

NOON with X...

we were close friends. he was trying to move on from someone. i was there. secretly caring and loving. he fell in love with another guy. i was hurt. deeply hurt. i moved away. i can't stand every minute of him hurting me by loving someone else. he was devastated with my move he asked me to be his bf. big mistake. next thing we knew, everything was ruined, including the friendship.


i told him i like him from the start. he was nice and sweet. he told me he was without bf for a long time. somehow, he lied. he is in-love with another guy who in return is not showing any emotional attraction towards him. they have been seeing each other for the last 7 months and been physically intimate with each other. he's been totally honest with me with regards to him. he told me that i am important to him and does not want to hurt me. i love him. he loves someone else. im hurting inside every time he is with him. moving away is an option. but i don't want to lose a close friend again. i am getting tired of always being the 2nd man.

i need to learn something from these events.. history is repeating itself.

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