Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Finally! i read the newspaper this morning!

and i got curious regarding this CCP closing art exhibit entitled "KULO" because of an art piece entitled "Poleteismo" by Mideo Cruz. So i did my own little research and viola! let me share the following pictures to you guys.

"When they find it in one of the alcoves of the Main Gallery, they will see multicolored plastic piggy banks stuffed inside a case usually reserved for religious statues; and Christ the King with a bright red clown nose, his right hand replaced by a Mickey Mouse glove, and his head crowned with Mickey Mouse ears made from a Coke can.

Hanging behind a divider is a cross with a bright red penis thrusting out from the vertical bar. And on the walls, a multimedia collage composed of a confusion of images and objects: there are ads, political paraphernalia from Fernando Poe, Jr., Gilbert Teodoro, and Barack Obama; there are religious posters of Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary and the Holy Family; there are handouts, pamphlets and stickers; there are rosaries, penis ashtrays, crucifixes, condoms and Christmas lights; there’s a lot of stuff." 

- BusinessWorld Online

“My images are mere representations of things we see in ourselves, We need to realize that [Poleteismo] is the mirror of our society and of ourselves. The uproar it created might be the unconscious denial of seeing ourselves truthfully. The reality of our society is the real blasphemy of our own image; the blasphemy of our sacred self.” 
- Mideo Cruz (Artist)


I believe Poleteismo speaks of what we call religion and how people mix this in their own way of living. Im not saying that there are no REAL CATHOLICS nowadays, but what im trying to imply is that a lot of self-confess religious people now mix their beliefs with their very own religious rules in their lifestyle. The penis attached to the face of  Jesus is what i believe a metaphor for gay people trying to bring religion and gay lifestyle together. Its something absurd, sickening even to the people who see the art work, but as you look deeply in the lives of the people sitting next to you inside the church, they bring the artwork to life.

Monday, August 1, 2011

july 20, 2011

boy abunda: with out going into details, yes or no lang. nung july 20, 2011, may nangyari ba?

chef jayps aka amanda colins: yes kuya boy. may nangyari.

boy abunda: may nangyaring karumaldumal, may nangyaring pangmomolestya?

chef jayps aka amanda colins: yes kuya. may nangyari po. pero pareho po naming ginusto ang lahat.

boy abunda: sandali lang, sabi mo minolestya ka??

chef jayps aka amanda colins: minolestya? hindi kuya boy. hindi po molestya ang tawag dun. paulet-ulet naming ginawa at pareho po naming ginusto na mangyari un.

boy abunda: so anong nangyari nung july 20, 2011????

chef jayps aka amanda colins: nakuha nia kuya boy ang aking matamis na oo. at ang aking pinakaiingat ingatang pagkabirhen.

chos! :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

most happy

I am most happy when i make you laugh by simply making  faces... when you can't look at my face coz you can't contain the laughter that reveals your white teeth and makes your eyes sparkle with joy.

I am most happy when i see you being satisfied from a whole lot of food... when you can't stop eating even when you hate to see your tummy become bigger as you ingest more food.

I am most happy whenever you help me with cutting vegetables every time i cook our favorite sisig.

I am most happy whenever i see you peacefully sleeping in my bed... away from every single worries we have day in and day out.

and most importantly...

I am most happy whenever you put extra effort on your actions just to make me feel happy and special.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

this is history repeating itself

NOON with X...

we were close friends. he was trying to move on from someone. i was there. secretly caring and loving. he fell in love with another guy. i was hurt. deeply hurt. i moved away. i can't stand every minute of him hurting me by loving someone else. he was devastated with my move he asked me to be his bf. big mistake. next thing we knew, everything was ruined, including the friendship.


i told him i like him from the start. he was nice and sweet. he told me he was without bf for a long time. somehow, he lied. he is in-love with another guy who in return is not showing any emotional attraction towards him. they have been seeing each other for the last 7 months and been physically intimate with each other. he's been totally honest with me with regards to him. he told me that i am important to him and does not want to hurt me. i love him. he loves someone else. im hurting inside every time he is with him. moving away is an option. but i don't want to lose a close friend again. i am getting tired of always being the 2nd man.

i need to learn something from these events.. history is repeating itself.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


hindi pumasok ang helper so i have to do things on my own.

naputol ang plan ng globe ko kasi offline sila kahapon at hindi ko nabayaran nang pumunta akong service center.

and the best of all, my external hard drive is not working! :( 8 years of my work life saved in that drive. :(

Saturday, June 18, 2011

charot na tarot! :D

I was playing online when i came across this tarot game. I gamely selected 5 cards and read the result. muntik na ako masamid nang mabasa ko present, the one in the middle. ahaha :D

pak na pak!

true or false???? :D

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

i thought it was LOVE part 2

it was game over for BB and MM.

last night MM, surprisingly, called me. i knew something was wrong. apparently, he was the one who caught BB now on phone with a guy. MM asked for BB's phone and dialed the guys number.

MM: pare sino nga ito?
GUY: si GUY ito. ano ka ba? kausap pa lang kita kanina ah..
MM: ah ganun ba? sorry medyo lasing lang. asan ka? fuck kita.
GUY: fuck mo ako? eh ikaw nga finuck ko last time eh!
MM: ay oo nga pala. kelan nga pala yun? sorry malilimutin na ako..
GUY: last week lang, finuck kita sa place mo. gulo mo yatang kausap ngayon?
MM: lasing lang pare. sige. tawag ako ulet mamaya.

bam! just like that, and it was game over.

too bad. relationship ruined by libog. really bad.