Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Finally! i read the newspaper this morning!

and i got curious regarding this CCP closing art exhibit entitled "KULO" because of an art piece entitled "Poleteismo" by Mideo Cruz. So i did my own little research and viola! let me share the following pictures to you guys.

"When they find it in one of the alcoves of the Main Gallery, they will see multicolored plastic piggy banks stuffed inside a case usually reserved for religious statues; and Christ the King with a bright red clown nose, his right hand replaced by a Mickey Mouse glove, and his head crowned with Mickey Mouse ears made from a Coke can.

Hanging behind a divider is a cross with a bright red penis thrusting out from the vertical bar. And on the walls, a multimedia collage composed of a confusion of images and objects: there are ads, political paraphernalia from Fernando Poe, Jr., Gilbert Teodoro, and Barack Obama; there are religious posters of Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary and the Holy Family; there are handouts, pamphlets and stickers; there are rosaries, penis ashtrays, crucifixes, condoms and Christmas lights; there’s a lot of stuff." 

- BusinessWorld Online

“My images are mere representations of things we see in ourselves, We need to realize that [Poleteismo] is the mirror of our society and of ourselves. The uproar it created might be the unconscious denial of seeing ourselves truthfully. The reality of our society is the real blasphemy of our own image; the blasphemy of our sacred self.” 
- Mideo Cruz (Artist)


I believe Poleteismo speaks of what we call religion and how people mix this in their own way of living. Im not saying that there are no REAL CATHOLICS nowadays, but what im trying to imply is that a lot of self-confess religious people now mix their beliefs with their very own religious rules in their lifestyle. The penis attached to the face of  Jesus is what i believe a metaphor for gay people trying to bring religion and gay lifestyle together. Its something absurd, sickening even to the people who see the art work, but as you look deeply in the lives of the people sitting next to you inside the church, they bring the artwork to life.

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