Wednesday, June 15, 2011

i thought it was LOVE part 2

it was game over for BB and MM.

last night MM, surprisingly, called me. i knew something was wrong. apparently, he was the one who caught BB now on phone with a guy. MM asked for BB's phone and dialed the guys number.

MM: pare sino nga ito?
GUY: si GUY ito. ano ka ba? kausap pa lang kita kanina ah..
MM: ah ganun ba? sorry medyo lasing lang. asan ka? fuck kita.
GUY: fuck mo ako? eh ikaw nga finuck ko last time eh!
MM: ay oo nga pala. kelan nga pala yun? sorry malilimutin na ako..
GUY: last week lang, finuck kita sa place mo. gulo mo yatang kausap ngayon?
MM: lasing lang pare. sige. tawag ako ulet mamaya.

bam! just like that, and it was game over.

too bad. relationship ruined by libog. really bad.


  1. Aww. Be there for your friend, Pink Chef.
    He deserves a lot better than this a-hole.

  2. Oh my. Tama si Juan. Be there for your friend. :)